1940s Chicago Footage

Travel back in time with this footage of 1940s Chicago. Produced by the Chicago Board of Education, the movie introduced students across the U.S. to the city of Chicago. The movie coffers a glimpse into everyday life in the 1940s and one that will truly transport you to another time.

While the movie runs 30 minutes long, it is well worth watching to the end as it covers a large area of Chicago: from Wrigley field to the steel mills, from the famous Union Stockyards to the beaches along the lakefront. You are sure to recognize many locations.

~ Chicago 1940s ~

Do you remember Chicago in the 1940s?

A huge thanks to ‘Fading Dyes’ for allowing the public to enjoy this wonderful footage of Chicago.

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1940s Chicago

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1940s Chicago
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~ 1940s Chicago ~


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