10 Grandparent Activities

Grandparent activities by Family Line VideoGrandparents, spend a day with your grandchildren sharing memories while making memories.

Below are 10 Grandparent Activities that are certain to make your time together special.

~ 10 Grandparent Activities ~

  1. Bring out the box of old family photos and share your memories. Draw a family tree to help your grandchildren better understand how everyone is related.
  2. Cook a favorite family recipe together and share your memories of making and eating the special dish. Write down the recipe for your grandchildren to keep.
  3. Share the stories behind your family heirlooms and why they are important to you. Ask you grandchildren to help you clean/polish the heirlooms so they will know how to take care of them.
  4. Teach your grandchildren a game you played when you were a child – cards, marbles, Jacks, pick-up sticks, etc. Pair it with a favorite childhood candy to make it extra special. You can usually buy both online.
  5. Describe an historical event and talk about how it impacted on you and your family. If you have any memorabilia from the event, bring it out for them to see.
  6. Tell your grandchildren about the entertainment available when you were their age and how different it was from today. Talk about your favorite movies, radio and television shows and how technology was different.
  7. Ask your grandchildren to set up online video calling such as Skype, FaceTime or Zoom and schedule a regular ice cream date.
  8. Share three of your most important life lessons and stories behind the reason you selected those.
  9. Introduce your grandchildren to a passion of yours. Gardening, bird watching, golf, piano, coin collecting, knitting, etc.
  10. Make an old fashioned sundae or rootbeer float. Make sure to have all the toppings!

Do you have a favorite grandparent activity you do with your grandchildren? Post it in the comment section at the bottom and we’ll add it to the list for others to see!

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Grandparent Activities

Grandparent Activities

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Grandparent Activities
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~ Grandparent Activities ~


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