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Heirloom Videos by Family Line VideoIt’s all too easy for family heirlooms to end up at the local thrift store, discarded in an alley or featured on an episode of ‘Pawn Stars’. Preserve the stories and family history behind your treasured possessions in an Heirloom Video by Family Tree Video so your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will value them as you do.

Heirloom Videos capture one or more family members recounting their personal memories of a family heirloom or keepsake along with the family history. And, while a family heirloom may be difficult to share, Heirloom Videos can be easily duplicated so every family member can have a copy of their own.

To learn more about capturing the stories, history and memories behind your priceless family heirlooms, contact us at Family Tree Video.

An Heirloom Video is a gift your family will treasure for generations to come.


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Here at Family Tree Video, we help families preserve their stories for younger generations to know by capturing them in Legacy Videos.

Legacy Videos include: Video Biographies, Family History Videos, Anniversary Videos, Video Tributes, Heirlooms Videos and more.

Anniversary Video by Family Tree Video in ChicagoLegacy Videos are modern-day memoirs that weave a filmed interview together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful “moving portrait” capturing your loved ones sharing their life stories, family history and memories – a gift your family will cherish for generations to come.

To learn about capturing your own stories, history and memories in a Legacy Video, visit us at FamilyTreeVideo.com.

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Heirloom Videos

Heirloom Videos

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