Interviewing a Grandparent

Interviewing a Grandparent

Interviewing a grandparent (or parent) can be a wonderful opportunity to learn about their life story and your family’s history as well as valuable life lessons. As a Legacy Video producer, below are a few of my own tips to make the most of your grandparent interview:

Interviewing a Grandparent

1. Prepare Questions
Before the interview, create a list of questions that you would like to ask your grandparent. Consider topics like their childhood, family traditions, significant life events, and personal experiences. This will help guide the conversation and ensure you cover the important aspects.

2. Select the Setting
Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can conduct the interview. Ensure there are minimal distractions and that both you and your grandparent can relax and focus on the conversation.

3. Be an Active Listener
Display genuine curiosity and interest in what your grandparent has to share. Listen attentively, maintain eye contact, and use nonverbal cues to show that you are engaged in the conversation. This will make your grandparent feel valued and encourage them to open up.

4. Record the Interview
Consider recording the interview with your grandparent’s permission. This will allow you to capture their stories and insights accurately. Make sure to test the recording device beforehand to ensure it works properly.

5. Encourage Storytelling
Prompt your grandparent to share specific stories and anecdotes from their past. Encourage them to provide details and emotions associated with those memories. This can bring their experiences to life and make the interview more meaningful.

6. Be Sensitive and Patient
Some questions or topics may evoke strong emotions or memories for your grandparent. Be mindful of their reactions and emotions. If they seem uncomfortable or reluctant to answer a particular question, respect their boundaries and move on to a different topic.

7. Ask Follow-up Questions
As the conversation unfolds, don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions or seek clarification on certain points. This can help you gain a deeper understanding and uncover additional details that may be fascinating or important.

8. Express Gratitude
After the interview, take the time to express your gratitude to your grandparent for sharing their stories and wisdom with you. Let them know how much you appreciate their time and the opportunity to learn from them.

Remember, the goal of the interview is to connect with your grandparent, preserve their stories, and deepen your understanding of your family’s history. Enjoy the experience and cherish the moments you share together.


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Interviewing a Grandparent

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Interviewing a Grandparent

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Interviewing a Grandparent
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Interviewing a Grandparent
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Interviewing a Grandparent

Interviewing a Grandparent

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