Ken Burns: The Human Experience

Ken Burns is a true inspiration. His documentary work on such topics as Jazz, Baseball, the Civil War, Our National Parks, and many more, have made him a legend in our own time. Enjoy this impromptu interview following one of his recent awards.

Even with a noisy background, it is good to hear his thoughts on the importance of capturing the human experience through documentary–what life was like in a previous era and what mattered to people who lived with different issues, events, and circumstances than our own.

Ken Burns by Family lIne Video Chicago

Do you agree with what he says early on about the way that personal correspondence today–particularly email–raises challenges for how we pass life stories from one generation to the next. Is letter writing with paper and pen a lost art? If so,┬ádocumentary, and perhaps specifically Personal Documentary, becomes an important way to preserve the past and enrich the future.

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