Memory Loss: Tips to Remember

Memory Loss by Family Tree Video

Memory loss can mean losing priceless memories of your past. Memories you may want to share with your children and grandchildren such as stories about your childhood or memories of your family history. Often, many of our ‘lost’ memories can resurface with a little help.

Dormant memories can often be recalled with reminders from our past. Below are a few ways you can fight memory loss. Before you know it, you’ll be sharing stories about your childhood with your children and grandchildren you thought were forever lost.

Memory Tips

  • Visual Reminders
    Images are one way to trigger memories from our past. Start by reviewing old magazines, family photos and old home movies. Try turning off the sound when watching the movies to allow yourself to focus on the images. Also look for photos of places, events and items from your past by doing an online Google ‘Image’ search.
  • Auditory Reminders
    Sounds, music and voices can also trigger memories. This time, close your eyes when running your home movies and listen to just the audio. You can also find music, commercials, newscasts and radio shows from your youth by visiting websites such as ‘Old World Radio’.
  • Tactile Reminders
    Holding and touching physical objects from your childhood can also help bring back lost memories. If you don’t have items from your youth easily accessible, visit an antique store, nostalgia shop or check out Ebay.
  • Olfactory Reminders
    Did your mother wear a certain perfume? Did your grandfather smoke a pipe? Does the smell of gingerbread remind you of your grandparents during the holidays? Think about the smells from your youth and find a way to recreate or revisit them.
  • Taste Reminders
    Many people recall the joy of buying and eating their favorite candy as a child. Recreate some of those experiences by visiting ‘Old Time Candy’ where you can buy candy from every decade. Or, for something a bit more savory, track down the recipe from your favorite dish mom or grandma used to make.

Memory loss doesn’t have to mean your past is lost forever. With these memory tips, you may be able to trigger senses to bring back priceless memories to share with your family

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Memory Loss

Memory Loss

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Memory Loss
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Memory Loss

Memory Loss

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