10 Retirement To-Do’s

Things to do in retirement by Family Tree Video

For many people, retirement can be as life-altering as having children or getting married and can require just as much personal adjustment. After all, that last day of work means more than just a dramatic shift in your daily schedule; it also represents a significant change in your role. Retirement is a chance to redefine yourself, and these 10 Things To Do In Retirement may provide some help….

Things To Do In Retirement

  1. Keep Moving

Getting regular exercise can build your endurance and dramatically improve your state of mind and energy level. Activities to consider include walking, swimming, or even cross-country skiing.

  1. Continue Learning

Stretching your mind, whether through crossword puzzles, library books, or community education classes, is a great way to stay sharp well into the future.

  1. Share your Wisdom

Share your wisdom by making a book of your life lessons. You can cover a specific topic, like raising kids or managing your finances, or you can make it general.

  1. Find a Support Group

Care.com, a site for seniors and their families, says that joining a support group can help seniors cope with challenging situations by sharing their feelings with others.

  1. Stay Social

Recent research indicates that seniors who have an extensive network of friends are healthier and longer-lived than those who simply have a close family.

  1. Record Your Life Story

Recording your life story and family history lets you share those important memories with those you love the most.

  1. Volunteer Your Skills

Whether you help out in the local elementary school or dish up food at a soup kitchen downtown, you’re giving the gift of your time.

  1. See the World

Make the most of all that time by doing the traveling you put off during the busier years.

  1. Smell The Roses

One of the great joys of retirement is the slower pace and the chance to really appreciate all that you have.

  1. Identify Activities You Love

Let your life inspire you! List as many favorite activities as you can, then sit back and analyze your list. What do those activities have in common?

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Things To Do In Retirement

Things To Do In Retirement

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Things To Do In Retirement
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Things To Do In Retirement

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