What is a Legacy Video?

What is a Legacy Video by Family Tree Video

What is a Legacy Video and why is it the new favorite way to preserve a family’s stories? Legacy Videos by Family Tree Video are memoirs on video that capture a family’s stories and history for younger generations to know.

What is a Legacy Video by Family Tree Video

Stories are captured through filmed interviews and then edited together with family photos and other memorabilia. Titles, chapters, music and more are woven throughout. The result is a captivating “moving portrait”, a modern-day heirloom certain to be treasured for generations to come.

Unlike a photo album, written memoir or ancestry.com, Legacy Videos document a family’s oral history – memories recalled in one’s own words. Personality is captured along with priceless information, bringing stories to life in a way the written word often struggles to do.

From Public Space to Private Lives

In the past, only professional movie studios could do justice to any kind of documentary production. Not only was the cost and process far bigger in scope than what any one person could undertake, but the subject had to have wide-spread appeal. After all, how many people would be interested in seeing a movie about the family down the street?

Legacy Video Production by Family Tree Video

Today, due to technological advances, there is a new breed of professional documentary producer. These producers specialize in working solely with families in order to capture their stories – real stories of real people. They give families a way to preserve their stories in format that will captivate for generations.

What Does a Legacy Video Include?

A Legacy Video can be whatever a family wants it to be. Below are a few examples:

  • Some families the family history as recalled by multiple family members in order to bring the family tree to life.
  • Others keep document the life story of a parent or grandparent so as to keep the focus closer on the present..
  • Still others choose to capture a special family event or experience – such as summers spent on a grandparent’s farm – and begin a tradition that will inspire others to do the same.

There is no right way to preserve a family’s stories, history and memories. That is why a Legacy Video has such unique appeal.

What is a Legacy Video by Family Tree Video
Family Legacy Videos by Family Legacy Videos by Family Tree Video

To learn more about capturing your own family stories for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know, visit us at FamilyTreeVideo.com.

A Legacy Video is a modern-day heirloom your family will treasure for generations to come.

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What is a Legacy Video

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