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Grandparents wisdom by family tree video

We all learn from experience and every year become wiser than the year before. Simply said, with experience and age comes wisdom. Too often, though, we forget the wisdom our grandparents have acquired in their lifetimes. Our grandparents wisdom is a valuable resource worth preserving.

Give your family the gift of your grandparents wisdom by documenting their life lessons. Not only will your grandparents be overjoyed to share the pearls of wisdom they have gathered over a lifetime but family member will love hearing the stories.

Start by asking your grandparents to think of the most important life lessons they’ve learned. Give them time to pull their thoughts together – perhaps a week. Request a specific quantity of life lessons to give them a goal; five might be a manageable number although let them know that more would be welcome. Finally, ask your grandparents to share the experiences that brought about the life lesson so others can understand how it applies to day to day life.

When your grandparents present their Life Lesson list, it’s important to recognize that their wisdom was learned through experience. In other words, give each lesson the consideration and respect it deserves.

Collect your grandparents life lessons in a small book. Include a short biography and give everyone a copy at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Or, post your grandparents wisdom on a family website for everyone to see!

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Give your parent or grandparent the gift of a lifetime by capturing their life story for your family to know!

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Here at Family Tree Video we produce Legacy Videos, modern-day memoirs that weave a filmed interview with a parent or grandparent, together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful “moving portrait” capturing your loved one sharing their life story, family history and memories – a gift your family will treasure for generations to come.

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Grandparents Wisdom

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Grandparents Wisdom
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Grandparents Wisdom
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Grandparents Wisdom

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