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Have you ever wanted to know more about your grandparents, great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents? About the experiences they had or decisions they made? Imagine if they had shared their life story in a Video Memoir. What a family heirloom that would be!

Chances are your children, grandchildren and generations beyond will one day wish they knew more about you.

In the past, people shared their memories in journals, photo albums and even on audiotape. These days, the new favorite way to record one’s stories is in a Video Memoir (also known as a Legacy Video).

Why? Because a Video Memoir is easy to do; it appeals to younger generations and it is easy to duplicate and share so every family member can have a copy of the movie for their own.

If you decide a Video Memoir is how you want to document your life story, below are a few tips I tell my clients as they prepare for their interview:

Video Memoir Tips

  1. Keep it Personal
    The most important way to keep your family’s interest is through your stories. Be sure to make them about something they truly care about: you and your experiences. Keep it personal by sharing both your thoughts and feelings about the people and events that shaped who you are today.
  2. Clear and Accessible
    A good memoir will bring stories and history to life in a clear and accessible way. It will also answer questions a viewer might ask if they could. Think about the questions you would ask your own grandparents or great-grandparents for ideas on what to include in your video memoir.
  3. What to Share
    Don’t be afraid to share stories of challenging times. Studies show that recounting stories of hardship is actually beneficial for children and grandchildren to hear. To learn more, check out my post: ‘Sharing your Story’.
  4. Make it Real on Multiple Levels
    Children today expect to be engaged on multiple levels. Bring your stories to life by adding photos or other memorabilia. Or transport your family back to the night you first danced with your spouse by including music from the era.

However you choose to record your memories, know that your children, grandchildren and generations beyond will cherish a chance to know you and your story.

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Give your family the gift of a lifetime by capturing your life story in a Legacy Video.

Legacy Videos by Family Tree Video

Here at Family Tree Video, we produce Legacy Videos, modern-day memoirs on video that weave a filmed interview together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful “Moving Portrait” capturing you as you recount your life story, family history and memories – a gift your family will treasure for generations to come.

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