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Have you ever thought about capturing your life story, family history and life lessons for your children, grandchildren and future generations to know? These days, the new favorite way to record one’s memories are by capturing them in a Life Story Video.

What is a Life story Video? A Life Story Video is a memoir on video that records you sharing your stories and memories. Skillfully edited and then woven together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia, the result is a beautiful “moving portrait”, your story in your own words, a modern-day heirloom your family will cherish for generations to come.

Below are a few reasons why Life Story Videos have become so popular:

They’re Easy to Do

Unlike a written journal or diary, with life story videos you simply recount your memories and let the filmmaker do all the work. Stories are captured through conversational style filmed interviews and then skillfully edited. You can add photos, home movies, family trees and more. You simply provide the stories, photos and feedback to create the movie you envision.

They Bring History to Life

Sharing your stories on video ensures that not only priceless information is preserved but your audience will have a chance to get to know you. Your storytelling will bring your experiences and family history to life in a way the written word often struggles to do.

When finished, the memoir is a truly captivating “moving portrait” – a gift your children, grandchildren and generations beyond will treasure as it captures your story as well as their family history..

They’re Easy to Share

Best of all, because Life Story Videos can be easily duplicated and shared so every family member can have a copy of the movie for their own. You can even upload the movie to a family website for family members to view and download.

And, not surprisingly, this captivating family heirloom appeals to the younger, more screen focused generations of today.


Legacy Videos by Family Tree Video

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A Life Story Video, also known as a Legacy Video, is a gift your family will cherish for generations to come.

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Life Story Video

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