Remember When….

remember when MilkmanTimes have certainly changed since we were children. Do you remember your parents and grandparents recounting stories about life when they were young? Do you share your stories with your children (and grandchildren)?

As a Legacy Videographer I get to hear stories about growing up in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. Below are just a few of the many recollections people have shared. Are any familiar to you?

Remember When…

Remember when the milkman delivered milk in glass bottles to your door? The sound of the bottles clanking together? Removing the wax cap? Fighting over the cream at the top? Leaving the empty bottle outside to be picked up?

Remember when letters were handwritten and you knew the mail carrier by name? The excitement of receiving a two or three page letter from a friend or relative?

First TV by Family Tree VideoRemember when your family bought its first television. When Howdy Doody was popular, T.V. test patterns would signal the end of the show and channels were changed manually? When screens were small and antennas needed to be manually adjusted?

Remember when gas station attendants pumped the gas, cleaned the windshields and checked the oil? When car windows needed to be rolled up or down and seat belts were an afterthought? Climbing over the front seat to sit with a parent or being sent to the back to be with your siblings? Road trips?

Remember when you tended your Victory Garden, collected the foil, newspapers and grease during the war? Buying your groceries with green ration cards?

Remember when babies were pushed in prams? Nursed from glass baby bottles and wore cotton diapers with sharp safety pins?

Remember when by Family Tree VideoRemember when ham radios were popular. When children collected stamps, baseball cards and comic books?

Remember when men wore hats and women wore white gloves to go shopping downtown? When street cars were the primary mode of public transportation? When tokens were used to pay for the ride?

Remember when typewriters used ribbon and keys became ‘stuck’? When White-Out became the greatest invention ever!

Remember when phones numbers needed to be dialed. When you could chat with the operator, and there was only one ring ‘tone’? When push buttons were introduced and then cell phones?

Remember when 1960s by Family Tree VideoRemember when you dressed up for air travel, tickets were bought through ‘agents’, and three course meals were served on trays with metal utensils? When pilots gave out wing pins to children? Before suitcases with wheels were introduced and the first time you went through a body scanner?

Remember when there was no air conditioning and the ice box was filled by the iceman? Sleeping on the porch, fire escape or in the park? Remember when central air became commonplace and refrigerators first dispensed ice and water from their door?

What do you remember? Let us know in the comment section below for others to see!

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