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Showtime by Family Tree Video

So you’ve captured your parent or grandparent’s life story and family history in a Legacy Video. Now, it’s “Showtime” and deciding how to present it can be equally as fun and meaningful. As a Legacy Video producer, I’ve seen my clients present theirs in many different ways. Perhaps one of these listed below will work best for you:


  1. Family Reunion
    A family reunion is a great time to present your Legacy Video. After all, everyone there most likely knows the subject; they just may not know all the great stories that are about to be told on-screen. For winter reunions, gather everyone around a big screen TV. In the summer, consider renting a projector and playing the movie out on the lawn. Either way, it will be the highlight of the event.
  2. Holidays
    Some of the very best family memories are made during the holidays, and this is also a great time to celebrate what makes your family special. Next Thanksgiving or Christmas, gather everyone together to watch the Legacy Video capturing your history as recalled by grandparents and older family members. After the showing, everyone can discuss their own memories of this special season.
  3. Birthday Bash
    Do you have a parent or grandparent approaching a milestone birthday? If you are planning a special birthday party, it might be the perfect time to celebrate a life well-lived. Whether this is a 75th, 90th, or even 100th birthday celebration, watching a life story as presented in a Legacy Video together can be the highlight of the party. And what a thrill for the honoree to know their story won’t be forgotten!
  4. Golden Wedding Anniversary
    Are your parents or grandparents celebrating a 50th anniversary? This can be the ideal occasion for a Legacy Video honoring their story together. Presenting an anniversary video during this special occasion is a great way to show how the couple weathered the hard times, celebrated the joys, and supported one another through it all.
  5. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
    Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are holidays dedicated to appreciating the sacrifices and love of our parents and grandparents, so they’re another natural choice for presenting a Legacy Video. This is an ideal yet deeply meaningful time to show your honor and appreciation.
  6. Family Movie Night
    You don’t always need a special occasion to present a Legacy Video. In fact, you could arrange a party around showing the video. Send out invitations with a movie night theme, rent a popcorn maker, and enjoy a night together honoring a loved one or learning about the family history.
  7. One-on-One Viewings
    Or perhaps you prefer something more private. Sometimes a simple, quiet evening with just you and your loved one can be the perfect way to absorb the experiences and stories of a special life or the family history. Grab a few cozy blankets, a cup of tea for each of you, and sit back to watch the story unfold.

No matter how you present your Legacy Video to your family, it will be a meaningful and memorable event for everyone. Showtime!

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