Dementia and Family Memories

Dementia by Family Tree VideoWhen a loved one suffers from Dementia and starts losing memories, it effects the whole family. Often, the changing stages of dementia are marked by a renewed interest and focus on preserving family stories, history and keepsakes by those who realize how much stands to be lost to future generations.

If you, or someone you care about, has a loved one with dementia, sadly there is little that can be done to restore memory for the one with the disease. That is the degenerative nature of the condition. There are, however, things that you and your family can do now, that may make it easier to cope with this loss and ensure that some family memories will live on forever.

~ Dementia and Family Memories ~

  1. Share Family Stories
    When the family gathers together, share memories – about the person with dementia, about your lives together, about the places you’ve lived and the experiences you’ve had.
  2. Record the Stories
    Record your stories using an audio or video recording device. Just turn it on and let it run while you talk. Record snippets of conversation (even the repetition) with your loved one. This is the voice you will want to remember.
  3. Take Lots of Photos
    Take photos of these family gatherings. Be sure to label them with dates, names and other important information. These are memories that will live for a vey long time.
  4. Run Through Old Family Photos & Home Movies
    Pull out those shoeboxes of old family photos and home movies and see what memories they conjure up. Lightly pencil on the back of the photos the who, when and where. You may be surprised at what your loved one with dementia remembers!
  5. Stay Connected
    Keeping the lines of communication open during this time is important. If family is far flung, use facebook or other social sharing tools to set up groups for staying connected and up-to-date. You may need to rely on the younger generations to ensure things run smoothly.
  6. Plan a Family Reunion
    Make a point of getting together for the holidays or just a plain old weekend. Make the theme one of storytelling and remembering together. Have everyone bring a favorite family photo or two and other family memorabilia.
  7. Organize

    Designate a family historian or a family history team. This responsibility can rotate from year to year so that no one gets burned out or overwhelmed.

Living with Dementia is difficult, and the loss of memory and recognition may be one of the hardest things for a family to bear emotionally. Taking steps now to gather and document family memories will at least ensure that they will be preserved for generations to come.

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