Gifts for Grandma

Are you looking for a few great gifts for Grandma? For a 75th Birthday? Mother’s Day? Christmas or other special occasion?

Gifts for Grandma by Family Tree VideoBelow are 5 very special gifts for Grandma that go beyond the silk scarf, bouquet of flowers or best seller book. They are gift ideas with a personal touch, clearly given from the heart and certain to move her deeply.

These are gifts for Grandma that can be give by one person or by the entire family.

~ Gifts for Grandma ~

  1. A Favorite Photo Framed
    Does Grandma have a favorite photo tucked away somewhere? From her wedding day? Of her parents or herself as a child? If the photo is in poor condition or too small to properly display, have it digitally restored, enlarged and reprinted on archival paper. For an extra special touch, make a copies for the entire family. When presenting the gift, be sure to have her tell the story behind the photo!
  2. A Drive Down Memory Lane
    Take a leisurely drive or walk through the neighborhood Grandma grew up in and let her recount her memories. If the whole family comes along, rent a van or a bus and distribute a written itinerary with family photos featuring the highlights. Make an afternoon of it and stop at her favorite neighborhood restaurant for a family lunch or dinner.
  3. Spend Day Going Through Old photos
    While most Grandmothers are the keepers of the old family photos, many lack the technical skills to preserve and distribute them. Give Grandma the gift of a family day together going through the old photos, labeling, organizing and learning the stories behind them. Then scan them so they can be preserved and distributed in a digital format.
  4. An Appreciation Book
    Ask family members to list five things they appreciate most about Grandma. Maybe it’s her chocolate brownies, her hugs or her birthday cards. Collect the lists and put them together in a book. Add photos for an extra special touch. When presenting the book, have each family member read their list. Out-of-towners can read their list via Skype.
  5. Capture Her Life Story
    For a truly special gift, capture her life story, family history and memories in a book, on audio tape or in a Legacy Video or Video Memoir for the family to know and celebrate. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional. Knowing her story will be passed on for generations is gift guaranteed to touch her deeply.

Do you have a gift idea to add to the gifts for Grandma list? Post it in the comments section below for others to see!

~ Legacy Videos ~

Give Grandma the gift of a lifetime by capturing her life story for your family to know and celebrate!

Legacy Video by Family Tree VideoHere at Family Tree Video we produce Legacy Videos, modern-day memoirs that weave a filmed interview together with family photos and other memorabilia. The result is a beautiful “Moving Portrait” capturing your loved one as they recount their life story, family history and memories – a gift your family will treasure for generations to come.

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Gifts for Grandma

Gifts for Grandma

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Gifts for Grandma
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~ Gifts for Grandma ~


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