Remembering My Grandmother

Remembering Grandmother by Family Tree Video

I recently came across an old photo of my grandmother as a child. She was sitting next to her brother, my uncle Edward, with my great-grandmother standing protectively over the two of them. Remembering the grandmother I knew was making me realize just how much I didn’t know about her.

My memories of her are of a heavy, older woman with dyed blonde hair that never seemed to moved. I vaguely recall her voice, her laughter, her smile, her personality.

Looking at the photo I realized not just how much I didn’t know but also how much history she lived through.

My Grandmother lived through of WWI, Women’s Suffrage, Prohibition and Al Capone. The roaring 20’s, Babe Ruth, the Titanic and the Great Depression. She lived through the Polio Epidemic, WWII, the atomic bomb and the first man on the moon. She experienced the advent of automobile, radio, phonograph and the telephone. The silent movies, the “talking” movies, the airplane, electric refrigerator, air-conditioning, television, and so on.

She died the year Star Wars came out.

Remembering my Grandmother Family Tree Video

It’s a shame my Grandmother never left a journal or recorded her memories. I would love to learn more about her life. Her stories would have personalized history in a way no textbook ever could. Through her stories, she could have also given life to other members of our family tree who have long since passed -like her parents, grandparents and, quite possibly, even her great-grandparents.

As I think about what I have experienced in my lifetime – the advent of the personal computer, internet, cell phones, kindle, digital cameras, self driving cars, credit cards, cash station cards, personal drones, to name a few – makes me realize that I, too, am a witness to history in the making.

I wonder what my own grandchildren will think when, as adults, they find an old photo of me as a child.

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