Retirement Tips for Staying Active, Happy & Healthy

Retirement by Family Line videoRetirement is a major life change. And, like any major milestone, retirement brings with it a new set of priorities and challenges. Below are a few tips, ideas and activities to help smooth the transition so you can enjoy your retirement to it’s fullest:

~ Retirement Ideas ~

  • Exercise Your Brain
    Now that you are no longer solving problems at work and juggling multiple schedules, your brain during retirement may need a bit of extra exercise. However, there is no reason that exercise has to feel like homework. This is a chance to learn something new and retirement is the perfect time to do it. Learn a foreign language, visit a new exhibit, stretch yourself with crossword puzzles, or take a class in drawing. No matter what you choose to do, make sure it’s challenging and fun.
  • Work Your Muscles
    In addition to exercising your brain, it’s important to build strength and endurance in the rest of your body during retirement. Getting regular exercise can help with a host of health problems, and it can also improve your mood. The best options get your heart pumping without stressing your joints. Try swimming, walking, canoeing, or even cross country skiing. Pick something you’ll really love.
  • Make Time for Friends
    While family is important, researchers are finding that social friendships during retirement actually has a greater impact on longevity. For many people, retirement can be isolating, but you can meet new people through clubs, religious organizations and senior centers.
  • Lean on a Support Group
    Retirement can be a great experience, but it can be bittersweet too. If you’re feeling a sense of loss or need support to cope with financial challenges, illness, or other issues, an organized group can be a big help. A support group can help you address those feelings with other people and build a social group as well.
  • Donate Your Skills as a Volunteer
    Throughout your career, you have developed a huge array of professional and personal skills. You can pass on that knowledge with young professionals through organizations like MicroMentor, a site that connects retirees with new entrepreneurs. In addition, check into volunteering at your local school or hospital. Retirement is the perfect time to give back.
  • Pass On Your Life Lessons
    Over the years, you’ve learned a lot about life. From how to make the ideal pie crust to the best way to buy a car, it’s important to pass those life lessons on to the younger generations. Consider writing a list of things you’ve learned over the years, up to retirement. You can even self-publish a book to give to your children and grandchildren.
  • Record Your Life Story
    Retirement by Family Line Video Your life story is really quite fascinating even though you may not see it as such. Record your life story, family history and life lessons in a journal, on audio tape or in a Legacy Video for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know and enjoy!
  • Make Time for Travel
    Without restrictions of a job, you have more time to visit all the places you’ve been dreaming about. Whether your dream vacation is just across town or around the world, retirement is a perfect opportunity to take that trip. Seeing new places and meeting new people helps you stay active mentally and physically, and it’s fun too!
  • Smell the Roses
    Now that you’re retired, you’ve earned the luxury of slowing down. Use this opportunity to practice being present in the moment, to discover the world around you rather than racing past it as you rush from one responsibility to the next.
  • Identify Activities
    Unsure of where to start? Start by making a list of all your favorite experiences. Find out what those experiences have in common, and brainstorm from there. Before you know if, you’ll have a list of activities that will not only keep you busy but will also keep you happy and healthy in retirement.

Do you have an idea for staying active, happy and healthy in retirement? Let us know in the comment section below and we’ll add it to the list!

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