Team Family: Creating Life Memories

Tomorrow is once again the Chicago Marathon, an event my kids and I watch every year. There’s little quite as inspirational as watching 35,000+ people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds determined to run 26.2 miles after months of training. What a sight!

One of my favorite moments, though, is when we spot a family running together, all wearing the same t-shirts, hats, hula skirts, even bunny ears(!). Imagine the excitement and camaraderie surrounding an event like this, from planning to executing to all the wonderful stories they will be telling for years to come.

My kids and I have been so inspired that we now have our own Team Family and our own wonderful tradition of running shorter races together. In fact, this Thanksgiving, my 81 year old father will join us as we run/walk the Turkey Trot! And on the sidelines will be the rest of the family cheering us on. What great memories that will be for the kids. Ones they can tell to their children and grandchildren.

Identifying a cause to rally the family around is a great way to bring everyone together. Add in physical activity and a little fresh air and you’re guaranteed a fun and festive event. Whether it’s walking to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, shooting hoops for the Children’s Hospital or running a 5k to raise money for the local food pantry, bringing everyone together as a team (whether as participants or supporters) is guaranteed to provide an abundance of positive energy, memories and laughter to your future gatherings.

Go Team!

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