Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities by Family Tree Video

Discover, celebrate and preserve your unique family history with these 10 Thanksgiving Activities the entire family – from grandparents to grandchildren – can do together.

These Thanksgiving activities will help ensure your family story stays alive and present for generations to come.

10 Thanksgiving Activities

Start a Family Journal

Ask a family member to record the stories that come to light during the activities. Later, transfer this priceless information to a keepsake book or post to a family website for all to enjoy!

Create A Family Tree

Assign the family artist to sketch the family tree on a large poster board. Encourage the grandparents to share stories about generations past and the children to show how everyone is related. Later, make smaller, more decorative copies to give as family holiday gifts.

Put Names to Faces

It’s time to blow the dust off the box of old family photos and get to know your ancestors. Here too, grandparents will be the most knowledgeable. Be sure to label photos with names, dates and any other relevant information. Use a #2 pencil on pre-1950s photos and a felt tip marker on post. Never use a ball point pen!

Generation Preservation

Your old family photos are fragile and cannot be replaced once lost or damaged. Ask the most tech savvy person to scan these priceless images so they can be digitally preserved and easily shared. Or find a photo scanner in your area.

Their Turn

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the grandparents. Encourage each to share stories from their childhood, memories of their parents, grandparents and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as a little probing can often reveal a trove of priceless information. If possible, record their stories in written, audio or video format for future generations to know.

Where in the World

Looking at a map, discuss from where, when, why and how your family arrived at their present location/s. What were some of the challenges they may have faced in their journey? A quick internet search can often reveal the historical context of your ancestor’s immigration. Have the children trace possible routes and to discuss the types of transportation their ancestors may have taken.

Generation Transformation

With the family tree in mind, discuss what life may have been like for each generation; their living conditions, work conditions and opportunities, education, life expectancies, etc. How did these experiences effect their outlook and impact on their children?

We are Family

Identify any traditions, talents, traits, values and heirlooms that have been passed down through the years. How did they originate? What is their significance? Are a number of family members musically inclined? Is there a ‘secret’ family recipe? This is the perfect time to pass on and record the stories behind the family heirlooms!

The Family Legacy

Discuss a decision an ancestor made that impacted on who the family is today. What is that ancestor’s legacy? Is there a Family Legacy? If so, what is it and how is the family carrying it forward? How can you celebrate your family Legacy?

Take a Family Photo

As the Thanksgiving activities come to a close, be sure to take a family photo to include in this year’s journal. Don’t forget to label it with names, the event and the date so one day your great-grandchildren will know their family history.

Discover, celebrate and preserve your family history every year with these 10 Thanksgiving Activities!

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Thanksgiving Activities

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Thanksgiving Activities
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Thanksgiving Activities
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Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

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