8 Great Genealogy Blogs

Genealogy Blogs by Family Tree Video

If you love researching your family history but find it can be a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Fortunately, several genealogy blogs offer tips, support and more for novice genealogists as well as seasoned experts.

Listed below are 8 stand-out genealogy blogs worth checking out.

1. The Family Curator
Family Curator features information about preserving, identifying, and using family heirlooms. You’ll learn about how to take care of paper ephemera, what to do with photos, and how to document the details of an item’s history. You’ll also get tips on the technical side of things, such as how to scan pictures and tools that can help you transcribe documents.

2. Olive Tree
Founder Lorine McGinnis Schluze, offers an inside view of the genealogy world from one of the most useful sites for family history researchers. The site is devoted to helping novice and expert genealogists access free records about their ancestors, while helping readers keep up with the latest news about free resources.

3. Shades of the Departed
A print and iPad magazine, Shades of the Departed offers high-quality articles about preserving, identifying, and displaying family photographs and using those photos as part of your family story.

4. Genealogy Tip of the Day
Offering up useful tidbits of genealogy advice each day, this Genealogy Tip of the Day is a wealth of helpful information. You can search by topic or simply enjoy browsing through the past entries. These gems will make you think twice about those dead-ends in your family tree.

5. The Genetic Genealogist
Interested in learning about how DNA testing can help you find out more about your ancestors? The Genetic Genealogist can help you understand the various types of tests and keep up with news about this exciting field in research.

6. Dear Myrtle
Dear Myrtle is practically ancient in internet terms. Since 1995, Dear Myrtle has been providing internet newsletters, and since 2002, the blog has been a great resource for beginning genealogists. You’ll find lessons in everything from genealogy terms to computer usage, as well as real-world information about a variety of topics.

7. ProGenealogists
ProGenealogist, which belongs to the research firm behind Ancestry.com, features the writings of several different genealogy experts. This is a great place to learn random fascinating facts about genealogy and historical records, and you can search through the previous posts for specific topics.

8. The Genealogy Guys
If you like to get your genealogy news in podcast form, the Genealogy Guys will be right up your alley. Each semi-monthly podcast includes a rundown of recent genealogy news and events, as well as responses to emails from loyal listeners.

Whether you’re a genealogy expert who just wants to spend a little time browsing and learning fun facts or you’re a new researcher starting to document your family history, you’ll find lots of great information in these popular genealogy blogs.

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