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Every Family Story is unique. As children, we tend to think our story is not very different from our neighbor’s next door. Aside from basic similarities, every family story is as complex and unique as the people who are a part of it.

Below are a just a few ways in which each family is unique….

What Makes a Family Unique

Family Values

Each family has their own set of values. Your grandparents may have valued education and hard work in order to be able to send their children to college. Perhaps religion and practicing your faith is important or creating art or music. Families can have any number of closely held beliefs. Identify your family’s beliefs and values to know what makes your family unique.

Family Traits

Each family has traits that are passed on from one generation to the next. It’s not important whether these characteristics are part of your genetic makeup or simply a result of growing up among your family members; what matters is that they help to define the unique nature of your family.

These might include simple physical traits like dark hair or a certain shape of nose, as well as personality characteristics like perseverance, a happy demeanor or even a certain tic or habit. Brainstorm together to identify the traits family members have in common.

Family Experiences

Every family has stories of facing and overcoming adversity. Perhaps your parents escaped a war. Maybe your grandmother came of age during the Great Depression. Or your grandfather lost his father as a child.

Often, adversity can provide opportunities for growth and even greatness. Even if the challenge faced is one endured by thousands of others, the way a person weathers the storm can be hugely defining. Discover how your family story was shaped by adversity by asking family members to share their stories.

Family Talents

Just like any trait, talents can also define a family. Perhaps your uncle was a champion boxer. Maybe your grandmother was a concert pianist. These talents can be the start of many wonderful stories, and they are part of what makes your family different.

Find out what talents run in your family by thinking about what each person does best. Soon you’ll have an incredible array of talents and skills to include in your family story.

Your family story is unique. Discover and celebrate what sets your family apart.


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