Fantasy Football

With professional football teams reporting to training camp this week, millions around the world are setting up their fantasy football pools for extreme bragging rights in the office, among friends or even between multiple generations of their family.

What if you could organize the ultimate fantasy football draft and include players not only active today but also players from your father or grandfather’s heyday? Would Johnny Unitas really beat Peyton Manning for total touchdown passes or would modern –era football and its faster, sleeker approach rule out in the end of the day. Who would you pick? Jim Brown or Adrian Peterson?

Your father might insist that Jerry Rice was the best receiver to ever live while you might argue, “No way! Have you not seen the size of Calvin Johnson or the elusiveness of Larry Fitzgerald?” The list can go on and on. But what if your grandfather could prove that Johnny Unitas is better than Peyton Manning, would you listen to the reasons why?

Your living relatives might be able to teach you a lot about the past. The players of yesteryear are the ones that shaped the game into what it was today. Organizing an all-time fantasy football league might be a fun way to better understand the essence of the game, its history and heritage.

While Fantasy Football is relatively new, history’s memory of football dates back to the early 1900s. Just like an all-time fantasy football team can speak to the history of the game, the stories and memories of your parent’s or grandparents can give you a better understanding and appreciation for your own family’s history and heritage.

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fantasy football

fantasy football

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fantasy football
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~ fantasy football ~


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